Welcome to Go Holistic Living
with Dr Kayem Chow & Associates,

where you will discover the joy of living a wholesome life in a holistic way by restoring a balance between the body, mind and soul for abundance of prosperity, physical wellbeing and spiritual fulfillment.


  • Are you looking for the greatest way of living everyday of your life?
  • Are you seeking a way of life that will turn many of your dreams into realities?


…a living that will bring more of the following into your life :

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We will coach you step-by-step, how to:


(1) Adopt a more successful living that will attracts Abundance of Prosperity

  • achieve a state of happiness and peace of mind
  • develop a positive mental attitude about life
  • have true prosperity – not just financial but also include love, health, happiness, peace and wisdom

(2) Improve and maintain healthy Physical Wellbeing

  • heal your body of any illness using natural energies of higher consciousness
  • build a body of wellness – physical fitness and mental wellbeing

(3) Explore and discover your own inner path towards Spiritual Fulfillment    

  • understand the true nature of our being
  • be aware and attune to the vast existence around us – oneness with the universe

(4) Grow and expand your mind (to Accept Positiveness and overcome negativity)

  • Continuously develop positive mental attitude about life
  • expand awareness, increase intuition, sensitivity and self realization

(5) Create and Live a Life That you Desire

  • realize and bring forth your inner potential for successful living in various aspects of your life
  • align your outer self with your inner path, hence bringing to your conscious mind and surface daily life and attributes and power of the universal mind