Holistic wellness has a physical basis. Bodily health is arguably the foundation of a balanced, wholesome life. Spiritual growth can be pursued and sustained in an optimal manner only when the body does not become obstruction in any way, but instead lends us full cooperation in our quest for inner wholeness. The body is not the end in itself, it is only a means to help our mind to connect to our souls. If the body is full of ailments, though it would be still possible for us to reach the state of spiritual realization it would be a great ordeal to transcend the constraints and limitations placed by an uncooperative physical organism. The point here is that there is simply no need for the body to suffer from any kind of malady, or function in any way inferior to the way it is supposed to function. Just by taking a little care of it and wisely paying heed to its natural needs we can let our bodies overflow with health and vitality.


Physical health and wellness in holistic science

In holistic science the way to physical health lies in establishing a thriving symbiosis between body and mind / spirit. The wellness of the body is informed by the positivity of the mind / spirit, and the mind / spirit are helped in the process of their growth and transformation through the exuberant wellbeing of the physical body.

The illness present in our bodies and our minds reinforce each other, and the same applies for health. Physical wellbeing is conducive to mental wellbeing and vice versa. Therefore the holistic approach lays great emphasis on our thoughts and feelings in fostering bodily health.

Holistic sciences that have developed in Eastern cultures believe that the functioning of the physical body and as well as the dynamics of the material world are based on a vast network of subtle, spiritual energies. For instance, Chinese medicine is entirely based on the concept of energy pathways, often referred to as meridians. The pathways are believed to carry energy and information throughout the human organism to unite body, mind and spirit.

The energy pathways are just an aspect of the ethereal and auric dimensions that underlie the physical dimension. In effect, the whole universe as well as biological systems are based on energy fields. The Human Energy Field (HEF) is that part of UEF (Universal Energy Field) associated with the human body and can be described in terms of three different perspectives:

1)   the major and minor chakras throughout the body

2)   the subtle energy fields or energy bodies that surround the physical body, and

3)   the energy meridians within the physical body that provide the means of circulating and distributing energy (prana, qi, ki, etc.) to the tissues and organs of the body.


The concept of physical health and wellness in holistic science is based on the possibility of drawing unlimited energies from the reservoir of life force that is accessible to all of us and use them for healing and wholeness. There are a number of bodywork disciplines such as yoga, qi gong, tai chi and tantra that help our bodies and spirit to be attuned to the great inner resources available to us.

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