Looking through the different practices in alternative medicine, we can conclude three (3) very important premises with which to base the vindication that self healing can be done using energies of consciousness.


First major premise

All of us are interrelated. Shamanism, acupuncture, Reiki, Pranic healing, and quantum healing all point out to the fact that we are a part of a greater harmony of things in the kosmos. Our bodies, our emotions, our mind, and our spirit are one being which is only a part of a greater whole in the general scheme of the universe.

Modern medicine methodology is to separate and isolate different parts and thus it has isolated mind and emotion from body. Thus this result in fragmented ways of healing which only reflects our fragmented ways of thinking. Modern science held sway with this kind of dualistic philosophy of separatedness and only until recently is this framework crumbling with the coming of new evidences that we are all indeed one.

The most irrefutable proof that we are all connected with each other comes from science itself.  Quite accidentally, the Geo Synchronics Environmental Satellites of the United States regularly measuring the electronic magnetic fields of the earth detected irregularly spiking during the very time of the September 11 destruction of the World Trade Center (Braden).  This astounding evidence literally points out the human thought forms including the emotions coming from the human heart can literally affect the electromagnetic waves of the earth. Thus our every thought and our every emotion is literally connected with the thoughts and emotions of all the people in the world around us.


Second major premise

There is a healing energy that binds our bodies and our world. Chinese acupuncture calls this qi. Japanese Reiki calls this ki. Arhatic yoga calls this prana. Hinduism calls this shakti. Chopra calls this quantum healing energy. By whatever name we call it, this energy is the one responsible for healing.

Science formerly thought that this energy is beyond scientific measurement until recently when new evidences came up. Below are a few of the many cases that significantly prove beyond doubt the existence of the healing energy.

  • Qigong Master Jixing Li, in a highly controlled scientific experiment, was able to selectively destroy cancer cells in petri containers 2,000 miles away. Not only was he able to do this but he was also able to spare other cancer cells which are inches away. This means that he can do this with accuracy. He was also able to repeat this several times (Swanson, 2009)
  • Qigong Master Dr. Yan Xin was able to alter the decay rates of radioactive material from over thousands of miles away. With his chi, he was able to alter the bonding structure of the water and redirect laser beams. He did this under strict scientific laboratory observation (Swanson, 2009).
  • Masters of Qigong have been scientifically observed to increase their body temperature, hold burning objects with bare hands without scalding, hold more than 200 volts of electricity without being electrocuted, carry weights which are literally impossible such as pulling airplanes ties to their penis (Swanson, 2009).
  • Dr. Yan Xin’s researches came up with 36 scientific papers exploring the power of chi.  Many tests were done on trained Qigong masters who can alter the molecular formation of different samples including the DNA and RNA (Hui Lin, 2001).
  • Consider the following experiment written by Dr. Hui Lin:

“We studied the bromination reaction of n-hexane as affected by long-distance qi emissions using a “double blind method.” Typically the bromination reaction only happens the instant a strong ultraviolet light is introduced. This changes the normally dark reddish-brown mixed solution of n-hexane and bromine into a clear solution. However, under conditions of darkness, long distance, and the “double blind method,” external qi turned the reddish-brown solution of n-hexane and bromine colorless within fifteen minutes. By measuring the molecular characteristics of the solution, we found that the molecular structure and density of the solution were changed. Moreover, qi could change the color of the upper two-thirds of the solution in a test tube, while leaving the color of the lower one-third unchanged (Hui Lin, 2001).”

  • Voluminous peer reviewed articles on the effects of acupuncture can no longer be disputed.
  • Kirilian photography is also able to take pictures of this subtle energy emanation giving solid visual scientific proof of its existence (Moss, 1979)
  • The highly credible Dr. Qian Xuesen, who is the founder of the Chinese Aerospace and Rocket program quotes:

“These experimental results (by Dr. Yan Xin and his co-workers) are a first in the world. They unequivocally demonstrate that without touching substances, the human body can affect them and change their molecular structures and properties…They are new scientific discoveries and the prelude to a scientific revolution (Swanson, 2009).”

These findings prove beyond reasonable doubt that this mysterious energy really does exist.


Third major premise

This healing energy can be manipulated by thought. The practice of different healing methods using this energy all require specific thought processes on concentration, relaxation, compassion, will, and desire for healing. The effectiveness of acupuncture, Reiki, Pranic healing, energy healing to name a few demonstrates that thought is the one that guides the flow of this healing energy. All these require meditation on the part of the healer and sometimes on the patient.

State-of-the-art scientific measurements such as the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and electroencephalogram (EEG) now clearly demonstrate how meditation can bring healing to the body. Meditation has been scientifically observed to reduce stress and therefore reduce diseases and ailments which are stress-related. Meditation has been found to increase the power of the body’s immune systems, reduce pain, strengthen the nervous system and increase perceptual abilities

Faith is so important to healing because faith is the thought that gives healing energies to work out its miracles. This confirms the ancient principle that energy follows thought.


These findings are very significant that they will destroy the old paradigms of western scientific medicine and introduce an expanded perspective where people can literally tap the hidden powers consciousness to heal themselves and the planet as a whole.

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