Healing with Energy

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Modern science has come to view the human body as a simple mass of biological and physical processes operating as a complex clockwork where emotional and mental states have no place in its operations. The human body is therefore seen only as an object or a machine and if there is disease, the best thing to do is to directly intervene in the physical, chemical, and biological processes in order to effect healing.

Thus we have the prevalence of pain relievers, antibiotics to destroy germs and viruses, instant pills and vitamins, and surgical operations if need be. Dominant culture has taught us to treat our bodies as objects that can easily be controlled by science. DNA can be manipulated, babies can be created in laboratories, humans can be literally cloned and replicated,  sex transplants are fast becoming popular, and one can even change one’s face and body via cosmetic surgery.


Role of consciousness in healing

With all the power that modern medicine has within its control, there are important questions that remain unanswered. After plotting the DNA and after discovering the origins of the universe, we still cannot answer very basic questions about our bodies. What makes our heart beat? How do we breathe and what makes our lungs involuntary gasp for air? What accounts for bodily parts suddenly being developed from the meeting of the sperm and egg cells that does nothing but cell division and yet develops brain cells, skeleton parts, and organs?  Where do these organs come from? What accounts for the miraculous healing of persons who have the same ailments as the others but were able to heal themselves using their strong will and positive thinking?  Mechanistic medicine cannot answer these very basic and simple questions. The tide is turning and the contradictions of modern medicine are starting to show. The basic flaw with the assumptions of modern scientific medicine is that of mind and matter dualism. Modern medicine has separated consciousness from the body when they are in fact inseparable and operate as one whole entity. Modern medicine is now on the verge of a major paradigm shift. Humanity is now asking an important question: What is the role of consciousness in self healing? How can humanity redirect the energies of consciousness to healing and recovery?

Self healing using energies of higher consciousness presents a major shift in the area of medicine, health and healing. It represent a major change in global lifestyle favouring the use of holistic medicine for our health and  our consciousness. You too can tap the hidden powers and potentials within your spirit for a healthier you.

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