Holistic Approach to Health

Health would also mean balance and moderation. A healthy mind and heart would reflect a healthy body. Likewise, if one is sick in some part of the body, diagnosis would not only include physical check up but also mental, emotional, and spiritual check up. Thus health would not only mean healthy bodies but also healthy relationships, healthy psychological make-up and healthy emotions.

Today, there is a great divide between physical health and mental health. Medicine is seen as very different from psychological counseling and psychotherapy. In the future, the approach will be more holistic in that it integrates the mind and the body and treats the whole person as one.

Character development is another essential component that should not be seen as a separate aspect of health. For healers to be proficient, character development is an important component of healing others as well as in self healing. If we look at the person as a whole, we will realize how important character development is to health. Studies show that people who are in love release more hormones that increase the body’s ability to fight stress and disease. People who are in love are not only happier but they are also healthier. In acupuncture, certain types of illnesses correspond to certain types of emotions. Anger for example, puts the liver in danger. Anxiety puts pressure on the kidneys.  Worry creates stomach problems. Character development will not only make us better persons but also healthier persons. It also makes our relationships richer and the world a happier place to live in.

The root problem of ill health may be found in how we look and handle our occupations and our relationships. In order to maximize the healing energies of consciousness, we may need to do a lifestyle check which also include the food we eat, the amount of rest we take, our physical exercise program, our daily meditation, our character, our relationships. Thus the correlation between health and happiness will be nearer.

Likewise, illness and pain will also have to be redefined. Pain will be treated as a friend that teaches us where we have faltered and gives us a direction with which to proceed with our healing process.  Pain will not be seen as an enemy which can immediately be shunned using over the counter pain relievers. We will not only address the symptoms but try to holistically understand the illness itself in order to prepare a holistic healing intervention. Illness will be treated as a life teacher that is blessings in themselves. People will have an integrated view of how the universe works and how our body operates together with our minds. In this way, life will be a celebration and inevitable death will be welcome.

In summary, the use of healing energy of consciousness will redefine health and transform our world. This will bring forth a better health and better happiness for all. It will increase our perspectives on health and facilitate a major paradigm shift in our planet.  Health will be connected with the heart and the mind and meditation will be standard practice for all. It will bring forth a new society where there is health, happiness, and prosperity for all.

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