Holistic Medicine

There is an ongoing revolution of alternative medicine practices that all point out to holistic medicine. The limitations of conventional medicine are actually leading into an outbreak of alternative medicine practices that point out areas where dominant scientific medical practices have failed. Naturopathy points out to natural healing practices of the body and the use of natural methods. It also criticizes too much dependence on drugs and intrusive artificial medicine that hinders the body’s natural processes of self healing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) employs the Taoist belief in the yin and yang that pervades not only the whole body but the whole universe at large. Self healing can be facilitated through the use of meditation, taichi, qigong, acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage and even feng shui rituals. Biofeedback is one alternative medical practice that specifically involves our consciousness to effect healing. Thoughts, emotions, and behaviour are equally diagnosed together with physiological symptoms. Will power is a necessary element for healing at it is the main instrument needed to manipulate various physiological functions and processes including brainwaves, skin conductance, pain perception, muscle tone, and heart rate. Homeopathy brings in the crucial role of consciousness in attracting or repelling disease that impact on the vital force of man.

There are many other alternative medical practices to date such as: herbal medicine, Ayurveda, yoga, hypnosis, and nutritional-based therapies among others.  All these point out to the importance of releasing the energies of consciousness to effect healing. All these point out to the incompleteness of the paradigm being followed by Western Medicine. All these point out to holism. Holistic medicine refers to the integration of one’s body, mind, heart, and spirit in order to effect healing. Holistic and alternative medicine gives primary importance to one’s consciousness and positive attitudes in life to effect healing.

The eastern philosophy believes that the universe and all our bodies are energized by the subtle balance of the yin and yang force. Our body organs have counterparts in the major elements in the universe which are earth, wind, fire, water, wood, and metal.  These body organs correspond to different emotional, mental, and lifestyles as well.  Emotions such as joy, anger, pensiveness, sorrow, fear, and grief will have its corresponding effects on its counterpart in our internal organs such as liver, kidney, brain, blood, heart etc.  Lifestyles such as oversex, trauma, lack of exercise, diet, among others will create corresponding effects also on our bodies. This reinforce the believe that self healing can be effected via change in our emotional and mental states thereby facilitating healing energies to work better.

Another major foundational philosophy of Chinese medicine is ENERGY FOLLOW THOUGHT. This was a practice that martial artist employ in their taichi and qigong exercise where the mysterious and elusive “qi force” (the life force that moves in our bodies) follows the thought concentration of the practitioner.  This literally means that one can direct the flow of energy using our concentration and our thoughts.

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