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Complexity is the central fact of our existence in the advanced technological society that we live in. Our whole society and culture are designed in such a way that they foster constant struggle, stress, competition, relentless pursuit of material pleasures and luxuries, money, prestige, fame and power and so on.

The needs, demands, and the whole milieu of modern-day life tends to make our minds and lives narrow; our worldview becomes heavily blinkered and we become used to leading superficial, meaningless lives, in a mad chase after wealth and worldly success. In addition to that, a majority of us are habituated to eating junk food and leading sedentary lifestyles sitting in front of our TVs and computers. As a result of all this, we breed illness in our bodies and minds while we are generally completely unaware of anything called soul. We become oblivious of our roots in Nature, the universe and the existence. We exist uprooted, disconnected, alienated from the existence – our psyche generally split in so many fragments.


Search for truth and existence

Holistic living is essentially a quest for meaning and fulfillment. It is a search for order, coherence, harmony and resonance within the larger framework of our lives and the vast existence around us. Meaning happens only when things are connected with each other and when these things are placed in a much bigger context than themselves. We are body, mind and soul, and we live in a universe that is beautiful, intelligent and divine. We are not body and mind with a soul, we are a soul with a body and mind. But we are simply not aware of ourselves, and we are not aware of how we are related to the vastness of the existence. That is the reason our lives are so trivial and hollow. We undertake the journey from hollowness to wholeness, from emptiness to fullness and fulfillment when we become spiritual seekers.


Synthesizing the body, mind and soul

In the olden days, spirituality used to be a separate dimension from the world of mundane affairs. For thousands of years, spirituality and materiality have been seperated, a false antagonism has been created between the body and the soul. In today’s modern society, such isolated, monastric  way of living in pursuit of spirituality is simply not possible. We need to achieve wholeness and wholesomeness in our lives not by running away from the world and the society, but by developing understanding and insight, integrating spirituality with materiality. The soul is not opposed to the body and mind, the soul is expressed in the body and mind. Holistic movement is based on the premise that body and spirit are complimentary. Holistic living means bringing body, mind and soul in line with each other and bringing our integrated selves into attunement with the cosmos around us. Complexity cannot be shunned, but a profound and beautiful simplicity can be achieved through realizing our oneness with the universe. Hence the effort of holistic approach is to produce individuals in whose bodies the music of the nature flows, and whose minds and spirits dance to the tune of the cosmic.

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