Dr. Kayem’s Bio

kayemphoto05 Dr. Kayem’s Bio
Dr Kayem Chow was born and grew up in Malaysia. He has built a successful career in the information technology industry for 20 years. At the age of 43, he then decided to move on to a new chapter in his life, to fulfill his passion and devotion to humanity and mankind. Based on his own personal life changing experience and enlightenment, he decided to share his experience with others and helping people to shift their goals in life towards personal excellence along holistic pathway. This commitment is deeply rooted in his conviction that he is here to serve. He is a humanitarian, a man of courage, a creative thinker, a visionary, and innovator and a doer. He thrives on results, competency and real-world applications.

Dr. Kayem has spent over ten years studying the “New Age Medicine” subjects and in the field of complimentary and alternative medicine. He has carried out extensive research into self-healing using energy of higher consciousness while preparing for his master thesis. In addition to that he also fulfilled his doctoral dissertation in holistic living. Today, Dr. Kayem is a certified metaphysical doctor and practicing alternative medicine specializing in energy and medicine. In addition to that he is also a holistic life coach and a Qigong practitioner who has dedicated his life to helping others live a more wholesome and successful life with deeper understanding of the metaphysical science, life force and spiritual realms.

Through the organization he is serving, Dr. Kayem offers wide range of holistic wellness services to the public including homeopathic remedies for variety of illnesses, motivational & holistic life coaching, energy healing, spiritual mind treatment & mentoring, guided meditation, and intuitive development courses. He is also available for speaking engagement and private consultation.

Dr Kayem holds a Bachelor degree and a Master degree in Metaphysical Sciences, an executive MBA from Belgium and a Doctor of Philosophy, PhD majoring in holistic life coaching from USA. He is a certified metaphysical doctor and a member of American Metaphysical Doctor Association.

Dr. Kayem is currently residing in the city of Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia.

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