The mind is the bridge between body and soul. In today’s modern world, we have increasingly lost the visceral connection with our body, its needs and its sensitivity. We live in our minds, we function as minds, and we look at the world through the prism of the mind. And most people are simply not aware of any thing called soul. To the majority of human beings, soul is merely an abstract entity, a more or less theoretical concept. In our society, as it could happen in any advanced society, there is a hugely excessive emphasis on the mind, to the neglect of both body and soul. This creates a serious imbalance. Holistic living implies the necessity of restoring the balance between body, mind and soul. We are stuck up in our minds, and we have to become, loose, flexible, open and flowing again.

The fundamental characteristic of human mind is that it is constantly filled with thoughts, desires and words. There is never a moment of silence and rest in our minds. The mind is normally in a state of confusion owing to the helter-skelter (chaotic) thoughts constantly plaguing it. But more often than not, the confusion and chaos in our minds is reflected in the situations of our life and as such our lives and our whole world tend to be in a mess, more or less. Mind sets out to solve problems, but deep down it itself is the most fundamental problem.

A holistic approach to address the deficiencies and excesses of our lives begins with understanding and dealing with our minds. The first step is to create clarity and light within ourselves, and let that light spread amid the darkness and confusion of the world. It is not possible to fight darkness with darkness. The process of mitigating the ignorance and confusion inherent our mind is called meditation. Mind is the confusion and meditation is the road to clarity. Meditation has to be the central feature of a holistic lifestyle. Meditation denotes a whole way of living, an attitude, a way of thinking and understanding. It encompasses the entirety of our lives and our minds.  Meditation gives rise to understanding and wisdom, which in turn make deeper meditation possible. If mind is the disease, then meditation is the healing process. Meditation is indeed so vital to holistic living.


The true nature of our self

We set out on the path of truth, when we start searching for the true nature of our self. This is the spiritual quest: who am I? The truth inside us is vastly bigger, infinitely bigger than the trifling personality and person that we think are. No matter how powerful and influential we may be in the worldly arena, that is nothing compared to the truth innate to our being, which is what we are essentially.

Wholeness is simply out of the question as long as we live in total ignorance of ourselves. The state of ignorance is the state of living on the surface, at the superficial and mundane level, completely out of touch with the great depths within us. Wholeness is possible only when we are no more disjointed and disconnected from the core reality of our being.



Meditation is the ultimate quest for ourselves, the truth of our being, which is simply regarded as the Truth in the path of spirituality. Meditation ought to be so integrated with one’s lifestyle that out of it is born a new coherence and wholeness in our lives. Meditation gives rise to a holistic life, and this can happen only through meditation. Meditation should become a force connecting the body, mind, and soul with the world on the one side and the inner truth on the other.

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