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Whatever your issues or difficulties and regardless of what belief system you subscribe too:

be assured that you will receive the most appropriate professional assistance for your needs.

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We truly believe that we can change any aspect of your lives for the better.

That change begins with simply making the choice to see what needs changing and then allowing and surrendering to that change, with whatever support and assistance is appropriate, in order to create successful and healthy outcomes.


We provide :


(1) Life Coaching

Do I need a life coach? What does a life coach do?

Most if not all professional athletes, professional actors, successful speakers, and successful businessperson have coaches. Even the worlds best professional sportsmen and great actors seek the service of coaches to help them hone the finer points of their craft.

As a life coach, I can help you improve your personal or professional life by suggesting new and different ways to reach your goals — goals that you have set for yourself, goals that I helped you discover.

Life coaches are those people who have taken their own journeys, and can guide you on your own. They know the pitfalls and victories, the temptations and the successes. And they can help you find your own way without making the same mistakes they did.

When do people need a life coach?

Many people consider working with a life coach when they are in a transition in their life, or are about ready to make one. Whether you’re looking for a new opportunity, trying to move on to a new stage of your career or life, or when you’re stuck on a plateau and are looking for that next breakthrough.

This isn’t therapy or counseling. Don’t get me wrong. Counselors and therapists play an important part in a person’s emotional well-being. But just like a life coach can’t help you deal with emotional issues you may have, a therapist can’t help you set goals and reach them the way a life coach can.

That’s because a certified life coach has undergone countless hours of their own training and education on the best ways to help their clients achieve their full potential. We know what it takes to get you to run, when all you’ve done is crawl.

That’s because a life coach is more than just a friend. A friend will tell you the things you want to hear, forgive you when you have failed, and let you stop when things are hard. A life coach is someone you have hired to push you, to not let you quit. They’re there to keep you moving, rather than let you sit and grow stale.

As your life coach, your success becomes my mission. I’ll work with you to help you achieve your dreams and your goals. I’ll show you the ways to reach them and how to avoid the pitfalls that will come your way. Whether you’re trying to achieve greater success, or just want a better work-life balance, a life coach can help you win that race.


(2) Holistic Medicine

To date, there is an ongoing revolution of alternative medicine practices that all point out to holistic medicine.We adopt a much more wholesome way of treating our patients and restore their health through wide range of homeopathic medicine for variety of illnesses to help their bodies heal themselves.


(3) Energy Healing

Energy Healing can be provided both in person and from a distance. These healing work to treat the cause, not just the symptoms, and can enhance relaxation, relieve stress, discomfort and tension, and accelerate healing. They can also assist the body in cleansing toxins, balance the flow of energy, aid meditation and positive thinking. Healing can help the client contact the “healer within” and lead to a better quality of life. Benefits can be immediate or gradual.


(4) Spiritual mentoring

Spiritual mentoring is a mentorship program that helps another to come into deeper relationship with the Absolute, Higher Intelligence, God, and to manifest that deepening in their lives. Spiritual does not mean religious although many have found spiritual depth in their chosen religious path. Spiritual mentoring is a relationship between three parties – the person seeking mentoring, the mentor (spiritual coach), and the God of your understanding, who is the real mentor in the relationship.

I will help you to define your spiritual path; determine what gives your life meaning; assist you to develop your healing and intuitive powers; discover your life or soul purpose; create an open space for forgiveness, compassion, love and mind, body, and spiritual wholeness in your life. This type of counseling focuses on the heart, and awakening the healing powers within. This program will help you grow spiritually in leaps and bounds.

Remember, at no time are you told what to believe. Mentoring is around various belief systems, new thought, thought exchange, pondering issues and more. There will be times when you may adopt a new belief and discard an old one. You will find that some things will resonate with you and others may not, and that’s OK. Everyone grows at his or her own rate and everyone has the right to believe what is right for him or her. Spiritual growth is more about a ‘way of life’. When you change the way you live to a more supportive and loving existence you will find peace within and harmony in your daily life. To that end sessions will concentrate on this facet of spiritual growth. Are you ready to enjoy a more peaceful life? If, this sounds like you perhaps it’s time for you to contact me and begin your journey to enriching your life.


(5) Guided meditation

Meditation is a practice in which a person quiets their mind, by: focusing on breathing, visualizing, chanting or praying. This practice provides many people with a sense of inner calm, peacefulness and relaxation. There are many different types of meditation, as well as different reasons for using mediation. Some people use meditation simply as a relaxation technique to calm the mind and body, relieve stress and pain, and improve their sense of well-being. Meditation is also an important part of personal development, which can help achieve greater self-awareness, self-realization and spiritual communion.


(6) Hypnotherapy

Uncover issues that are holding you back or change limiting beliefs and improve the working of your body-mind.

Hypnotherapy is offered as a standalone service or may be incorporated with another healing modality. This is dependent upon what you feel you need and what our assessment would be in order to help you conquer your fears and phobias, eliminating bad habits, changing beliefs and/or behaviors, adjusting lifestyle, empowering self, healing, and moving forward in your life.


(7) Transition Support

There is one thing we can count on – life is always changing.  Change and transition is inevitable. Transition Support facilitates the opportunity to help one face conflicts and challenges with self-assurance, making a rocky road a little smoother.

All transitions, be it career, relationship, health, retirement, spiritual, and personal growth, including end of life and bereavement, are a form of grief or loss.  Guidance and counseling through times of transition eases the pain of change.

Some clients have experienced dramatic and life-changing resolution.  This success empowers them to continue their development well beyond the counseling experience.

Transition Support can help one . . .

  • Overcome grief and loss
  • Find more meaning in their life
  • Identify their life purpose
  • Explore new challenges
  • Resolve the feeling that there’s something more
  • Define their own beliefs

Transition Support can bring about . . .

  • Increased joy, bliss, purpose
  • Freedom
  • Inner peace
  • Increased love for self and others
  • Experiencing enhanced power
  • Decreased stress
  • Stability during challenges


And much more…

Session length: between 30 – 60 min per session, depending upon your needs. Longer session available for special needs.

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