Our soul is our direct connection with the nature, with the universe and existence. Our soul is nothing but the affirmation of our oneness with the All, at the innermost core of our being. Holistic living means living in the whole, being connected with the immensity of existence – realizing our oneness with the universe and living in and through such realization.

In the twentieth century, for the first time in human history, science and technology have reached to a stage where they could give even man a feeling of being almost omnipotent. Urban civilizations naturally weaken the relationships between man and man, and man and Nature, but over that past century something very deep but unique to our modern civilization has occurred, even the relationship between man and God has deteriorated.  More and more people the whole world over, felt that there simply was no need for any God at all, no need of any father-figure to whom we can turn to in our hour of need. The twentieth century has come to be known as the most atheistic century in the history of humanity.

The whole of modern civilization is built on the foundation of ego. Man was growing all-powerful on the outside, at least in a relative sense; this sense of independence and power has tremendously bolstered man’s ego, but at the same time it has severed himself from the ground of his being. The false ego became all, and the truth of one’s soul, one’s deepest connection with the universe, has become completely lost to modern man. Naturally, despite the growing comforts and material wealth, man’s life was becoming hollow inside, meaningless and pointless. Never before the twentieth century has man felt so isolated and alienated from existence, never had he experienced the anguish of the emptiness of his soul or simply the absence anything called soul.

Ego is the seat of ignorance, stupidity and evil inside man, just as the soul is the source of wisdom, goodness, and intelligence. There was a need for a wholly different vision of life that transcended the ego and its terribly narrow perspective on life. What was needed was an alternative to the thoroughly materialistic and ego-centered mode of thinking that had characterized the Western way of life during the rise of capitalism and industrialization.


The true immensity of existence

Our lives have meaning only when placed in the larger context of existence. The purpose of our existence in this world is not simply to fulfill the desires of the ego, to constantly struggle to aggrandize it by accumulating wealth and power, each for himself; the purpose of our lives as intelligent and self-aware beings lies in a search for truth and in seeking to realize greater truths of existence, in our effort to understand ourselves, our place in the world and our connection with the cosmos. The soul is our connection to the eternity and infinity of existence. Each of us have to make a choice between ego-oriented ignorance and soul-seeking wisdom, they both represent radically different lifestyles.

To know that we are soul means to know that we are the whole, we are the universe, and beyond it, we are simply all that exists. This is the holistic way of looking at things, this is the holistic way of thinking and what follows from it, a holistic way of living.

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