The Energy Healer – Energy Doctor

A holistic and integral view of health and our harmony with the universe is now being offered as a lavish gift for all humanity.

We are not saying however that Western Scientific medicine is all wrong. In fact it is correct but it is only inadequate because it is incomplete. Just as there is a need to study the human body for healing such as anatomy, biology and the likes, there is also a need to study the human emotion, mind, soul and spirit as major factors that can effect healing.

Health would no longer mean the absence of disease but the presence of harmony. A healthy person would be the integrated person who unites his body, heart, mind, and spirit to be a blessing to all humanity. A healthy person is one who is a productive part of the community, has no enemies, is less stressed and has a happy heart.

A healer is an energy healer or holistic energy doctor that would be redefined as someone who gives diagnosis and prescriptions but is actually someone who can tap the powers of the universe and commune with the spirits in order to effect healing.

The word doctor comes from the latin word “docere” which means to teach. The role of the doctor will shift from actually healing others to making others realize that they have within themselves the power of healing. This will radically change the curricula offered to doctors. Given that the healing energies of the universe are free, the role of the doctor is to make people access this energy via meditation and other practices. Doctors will thus be seen more as enlightened beings that have intimate knowledge not only of the human body but also of the harmony that pervades us. The best doctor is the one who makes people realize that they are themselves “doctors” in their own right.  Thus less people will feel the need to go to the hospital anymore as more people will become more healthy and happy human beings. Less people will be using drugs as drugs will be seen as a last resort only.

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